Who We Are

SourceLab was established in 2014 by the Department of History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are a group of students, faculty, and staff gathered from many disciplines across the University. We have three main activities.


Faculty associated with SourceLab offer courses that train students in the history and contemporary practice of documentary editing: the craft of publishing historical sources. The core course of this sequence, History 207: Publishing the Past, will be offered this coming academic year, in Spring 2018.


Faculty, students, and staff all serve on the Editorial Board of the SourceLab Series. This publication issues regular Calls for Proposals, asking members of the public to identify digitized materials they would like to see prepared for scholarly use. The Editorial Board reviews these proposals, and establishes teams of students to work on select new editions. Our first prototype publication, Red Cross Work on Mutilés, at Paris, is now online and is being used in courses here at Illinois.


Finally, our SourceLab Working Group meets on a regular basis throughout the year. It sponsors workshops dedicated to building our core expertise in digital documentary publishing. It also sponsors research projects, aimed at developing our base of Open Educational technologies and materials.


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