Welcome to SourceLab 2017-2018

Welcome! We’re excited to announce our upcoming events for the fall 2017 semester. Another class of undergraduates is coming aboard, our editorial board is reviewing forthcoming editions, and a new call for papers is on its way. During 2017-2018, SourceLab is a Research Cluster supported by the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) and their generous help strengthens our collaborations with other students, faculty, and staff across campus as well as expands our research and organizational capabilities. So stay tuned here, our social media accounts, and email list-serve for notices on upcoming events, our call for papers, and other exciting developments in digital humanities and undergraduate history research at the University of Illinois!

Fall 2017 Calendar:
All meetings 3:30-5 p.m., IPRH Seminar Room, 4th Floor, Levis Center

September 5 (Tuesday) Welcome Back / Organizational Meeting for SourceLab

September 19 (Tuesday) SourceLab Research Cluster Meeting

October 2 (Monday) SourceLab Forum Talk: Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian, Center for Digital Scholarship, IUPUI: “Encoding Ida B. Wells’s The Red Record: Critical Questions in Digital Editing and Data Curation of Violence”

October 24 (Tuesday) SourceLab Research Cluster Meeting

November 13 (Monday) SourceLab Forum Talk: Amanda Gailey, Associate Professor of English, Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); “How to Edit When the World is Burning”

December 5 (Tuesday) SourceLab Research Cluster Meeting



SourceLab in the Rare Books and Manuscript Library

SourceLab students at Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Class led by RBML director Valerie Hotchkiss.

As historians, we know we need to follow the past into the future. Last fall, the SourceLab students visited the Rare Books and Manuscript Library. Dr. Valerie Hotchkiss, the director of the RBML, took the students on a journey through the history of publishing and editing.

She introduced students to a variety of rare books, showing students marginalia in medieval bibles, velum scraped and written over by early modern writers, images of Egyptian hieroglyphics transcribed before they could be translated, a recently published critical edition, and much more.

RMBL director Dr. Valerie Hotchkiss points out differences between early-modern and contemporary editions of the same text.

Dr. Hotchkiss described the choices editors make, the values they take into account, and their options to best illuminate a text. Then it was the students’ turn. In teams they began transcribing original documents and confronting the challenges of documentary editing.

The work of SourceLab students in the digital humanities is informed by the long tradition of documentary editing and draws on the expertise of people at the top of the field. At Illinois, we are lucky to have all these resources at our fingertips!

-Wendy Mathewson